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UKD Is Recruiting

Never joined a Virtual Airline before? Worried about your skills, knowledge or total lack of them? Worried we might be too serious or strict on rules? Well you've come to the right place. We welcome people of all skill levels and all walks of life!

If you experience any problems or have any questions please leave a message on the Forum. We are a small, informal group of like-minded souls so please don’t be put-off by the form below. Once you have been accepted please check your messages on FSA - we will contact you but as this isn’t an automatic process it could be hours later but I promise we will be in touch.

bannerad1_460x100 is a free to use program that you download and run whilst flying with Microsoft Flightsimulator. It monitors your flight and gives you a score/assessment at the end. You also earn virtual money and each flight is automatically logged into your log book.

Complete the application form below to join UK Direct on It is recommended you start at London Stansted (EGSS) or Bournemouth (EGHH) so you will have access to multiple aircraft from the start. You can start anywhere in the world but if there isn’t an aircraft available you will have to move costing you virtual money!! Take a look at the fleet pages to see where available planes are.

Most applications will be accepted within 24 hours but please be aware it may take longer as this isn’t an automatic process - but I promise we will be in touch!

If the form doesn’t load try refreshing the page (F5 key).

Any problems please contact us.


Register yourself with the form above:

Starting Airport: Where you want your Pilot to start off (London Stansted is recommended)
First Name: This is Required, use your first name.
Surname: Your last name (again, use your real last name)
Username: This is your login name for the website.
Password: Pick a secure password.
Repeat Password: Write it out again
E-Mail Address: You will need a real email address.
Submit it

Ok, now download and install the newest version of the FSAirlines client here:
Download and install FSUIPC:

Read the FS Airlines page for further information.

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