Virtual Airline


UKDirect operate a large and varied fleet of aircraft to cover our  large range of scheduled flights. You can use these to fly online with other people on Vatsim for example or just in the comfort of your own  home. If you prefer you can just fly any of these in Flight simulator,  practising flying and gaining experience or using the fsairlines  program to monitor your progress. If you install our AI fleet you wont be alone in the skies!

At present the fsairlines booking system does not allow you to book a flight from this page so you will  need to visit their website, but the table below lists every flight available. Note: to book one of these flights ensure the correct aircraft type is available at the appropriate airport. The FSairlines booking page will only allow you to book flights that are available from your current position automatically ie. It will check your location, and all aircraft ready to fly against the timetable below.

Complete Timetable For UKDirect

Flt No








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