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Founded in Summer 2017, this hub has been created by Phil UKD101 to give our pilots a taste of something different. Australia is a large continent and flying is a very practical means of getting from one end to the other. For the pilot there is a lot of varied landscapes and weather to contend with and this makes for an interesting break - or maybe a longer lasting stay!

Phil is also a massive ... F1 fan and he wanted to combine his two passions by flying to each race starting at Melbourne. .

2019 F1 Grand Prix Racing Season


I’ve added the B747-400 to ensure UKD F1 fans, family and unemployed grid-girls can make their way around the F1 season using a default FSX aircraft. The aircraft assigned are available from:


  • A319CJ – Just Flight ($12 base pack plus $5 Corporate jet add-on)
  • B707-320C – Captain Sim ($40 base pack plus $15 for the C variant)
  • B747-200M – Rikoooo (Freeware)
  • B747-200F – Rikoooo (Freeware)
  • B747-400 – FSX Default

Prices correct as Feb 2018,
As always, any questions please drop me a line.

Phil Elliott

Ed - There is a freeware 747-400F on the Fleet page and an older 747-200 (which might work in FSX) can be downloaded here for free

“NOTAM: UKD Melbourne Hub - 2019 F1 Grand Prix Racing Season, Executive travel, Crew freighting & UKD Fan Club travel.
Welcome to the world of Formula 1 racing! The 2019 season kicks off in March so your UKD Melbourne Hub has created the FSA transport logistics to fly executives, crew, equipment, cars and over-excited UKD fans and family from each of the 21 worldwide venues.

Starting in Melbourne, you'll fly to the next venue in race order throughout 2019. Executive travel is provided by the A319CJ with crew and freight using B707-300C, B747-200M and -200F. Fans and family can travel to the nearest international airport closest to the venue on our B747-400.

There are also six transit flights where the range is too long for some of these aircraft (eg. Melbourne to Bahrain via Singapore), so remember to drop by the duty-free with your UKD vouchers to bag that F1 UKD T-Shirt and beer can holder!”

The first race will be 17th March in Melbourne. The flights are meant to be flown as the season progresses in real-time however they can be flown as your own schedule permits

Click the table to see a larger version.

F1 2019 Long Haul

Click the table to see a larger version.

F1 2019 Short Haul

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