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Founded in March 2014, this small outfit was created to give virtual pilots the opportunity to actually see the ground when flying as opposed to monitoring computers at great heights after taking off and before landing.


Air Taxi Fleet at Kidlington

The Air Taxi ethos is that all flights must be flown to Visual Flight Rules (VFR) without the use of autopilot.  Learn how to trim your aircraft properly and it can be extremely satisfying.

The basic principle of VFR flight is that you have to be able to see the ground at all times – if the clouds are below minimum heights, you must not fly.  The Civil Aviation Authority has published an excellent guide to VFR flying in the UK and it can be found here (click banner below to download):-

Download VFR Guidebook

We suggest that, in the interests of realism, you adhere to the regulations contained in this guide.

Operating Bases

The Air Taxi Division is based at two airfields in the United Kingdom:

Kidlington (Oxford)(EGTK)

Serving southern UK Destinations.

EGTK Kidlington

Aerodrome chart EGTK


Sywell (Northampton)(EGBK)

Serving northern UK destinations

EGBK Sywell

Aerodrome chart EGBK


Each base has the following aircraft establishments:

2 x Beech Baron (BE58)
2 x Piper Arrow/Archer/Cherokee/Warrior (PA28 range)
1 x Piper Seneca (PA34)

When you fly any trips from these airfields, please also fly the return trip and bring the aircraft back home.  If you discard an airframe at a distant airfield, we have to pay to have it ferried back and it can be unavailable for a couple of days.

Flight Planning


We recommend the freeware VFR planning software, Plan-G, which can be obtained here:-


It is relatively straightforward to use and, if you have a second monitor, it can be used as a moving map.  It contains overlays showing areas to be avoided (an invaluable resource when planning a realistic VFR flight)





We have created a distinct“Air Taxi”callsign which can be installed to both FSX and FS2004 using the freeware EditVoicePack.


Air Taxi.vcpmod for FS2004

Air Taxi.evpmod for FSX

Once they have been imported into EditVoicePack and the sim updated, each airframe must have a line in the aircraft.cfg file to say:

atc_airline=Air Taxi

ATC will refer to the aircraft as Air Taxi Alpha Tango nnn.



Click on the timetables to open a larger PDF version.


The schedules list the distance in nautical miles for each trip.  However, these distances are straight line and the approximate time estimated for each trip is based on still air, ie, no wind.  In reality, if you follow proper VFR procedures, it will be further and will take longer than estimated.  Please allow for this when calculating your fuel requirements


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