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UKDirect (UKD) is a virtual airline (VA); a community of ordinary people who share an interest in aviation. In order to join our virtual airline you must have a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS). This can be any flight simulator version from FS98, through FS2000, FS2002, FS2004 or the latest version of Flight Simulator, FSX. X-Plane users are also welcome but we do not have any specific planes available yet.

As a UKD pilot you are free to download and use our aircraft flying solo in your own home or on one of the multi-player networks, we also are a member of FSAirlines which allows you to monitor your flight and record your progress. We provide the framework while you're free to choose which plane, route and time you want to fly, alone or with company.

UKDirect  was formed back in the 1990’s by software developer Gary Summons who still creates the UK2000 range of sceneries for Flight Simulator. The staff have changed over time, along with the livery but the founding principles remain - to have fun and enjoy flight simming with like-minded people. We are based in the UK but operate a large, varied fleet of aircraft that travel the globe. We have divisions to cater for the domestic flights, cargo hauls, and international flights. Additionally we have a specialised fleet operating in the Pacific under the name of Pacific Direct.

I’m not going to tell you UKDirect is the leading virtual airline in the world. We dont claim to be the largest, most popular or longest running virtual airline - thats entirely down to our members! But we are friendly helpful, and always willing to assist you and to make your virtual airline and flight simulation experience the most fun possible, and invite you to join our virtual airline.

Explore the website, keep up to date with the news, exchange messages on the forum and enjoy your flight.

UKDirect Virtual Airline is not in anyway affiliated with any real-world airline or organisation!

To join use the link at the top or click here

UKD Cessna 208 Caravan
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