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Well this edition has come out a bit later than I had hoped but nonetheless it is here now; since last time there has been a few subtle changes to FSA - for instance in the top right of the overview page is a little link shying away with the unexciting line “Airport list” but it is a link to some startling information. The list turns out to be statistics such as the number of Arrivals and Departures UKD has at each airport (EVERY airport we serve worldwide and it is a staggering number!). Additionally it lists the number of aircraft we have stationed at each one. I won't go into detail as you can check it out yourselves, plus the situation is fluid, but until looking there I had never even heard of Puerto Vallerta (MMPR) and was amazed to see it had more flights and aircraft than most of our UK airports - and these are OUR flights remember! Then I discovered there is a secret stash in South Africa that someone is squirreling away - probably with dream's about creating Pretoria Direct no doubt! And that’s before we even consider the sanctioned collections of aircraft in Australia, the Caribbean or Southend! The upshot is it has encouraged me to fly to and from lots of new destinations where the aircraft are just waiting to be used. Thanks must go to the other UKD staff who have made this possible (Simon, Phil, Graham, Ruud, Gareth: aka the usual suspects and apologies if I have missed anyone). As a result I have started on a route expansion program for the UK to try and re-dress the balance but if anyone wants a specific route then please contact me directly or on the Facebook page. In a similar vein I would also highly recommend visits to Melbourne where Phil has been busy creating a hub with some unique routes and an F1 world tour or maybe you could be tempted by Aruba or Miami where Graham has set up some exotic destinations? And don't forget Southend!

Andy UKD579 aka Charley Zulu (no, I don't know why either!) has been a busy painter and produced two very nice liveries for UKD which can be found on the Fleet page - see below for screen shots.

As this is our 20th Anniversary I wanted to do something special - I can’t afford to fly us all to the Caribbean - so I did the next best thing and have made a prize mug for the Direction's competition! As I write this they haven't arrived yet so I don't know how they'll look but they are definitely unique (all of them lol), anyway more details below.

Partly as a result of the large time gap between editions of Directions there is a larger section than normal on the software and hardware section where there have been quite a number of revelations and proposal's - as ever, scroll further down for the relevant section or use the short-cut links above.

Use the quick links at the top or scroll down at your leisure for a selection of videos , screen shots, real-world aviation news, fleet updates, competition and humour.
Newshound aka Mark UKD171

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

UKD Airbus A321 G-UKTT

A screen-shot from Darren UKD630 of the company Airbus A321 with a spectacular cloud backdrop I suspect is from the new REX Skyforce
Screen shot nicked from the Facebook page!

Do you have a screen shot you are proud of? Please send it in and share it with us.
To enter in the next e-magazine send your entries to Newshound: mark[at] 

Don't worry about editing pictures, sending them as a full size bmp is best and I’ll edit them for Directions

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 Some screenshots of UKDirect / UK World Cargo aircraft taken by Andy UKD579, of his own repainted aircraft for UKDirect pilots to use. They are freely available for download from the Fleet page (both are FSX models).


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U.S. And EU Move Closer To A Trade War With WTO Ruling In Boeing-Airbus Dispute

The World Trade Organization pushed the United States and the European Union closer to a potential expensive trade war when it ruled that multinational plane maker Airbus SE has received – and continues to receive – impermissible financial support from four European governments to boost sales of two of its big widebody models.

The Geneva-based organization issued its final decision in a 14-year legal and public relations battle between Airbus and its global rival Boeing. The WTO said Airbus improperly benefited from billions of dollars in so-called “launch financing” for both the giant A380 and the new A350.

The WTO said that similar financing – essentially large loans made at below-market interest rates by France, Germany, Spain and the U.K. - to help launch and develop the A320 and A330/340 families have been adequately addressed by Airbus. But Airbus has not adequately responded to previous rulings that the A380 and A350 models were receiving illegal government subsidies.
Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. Trade Representative, warned immediately after the ruling, “Unless the EU finally takes action to stop breaking the rules and harming U.S. interests the United States will have to move with countermeasures on EU products.” He added that the improper subsidies received by Airbus have cost U.S. aerospace manufactures – Boeing and suppliers, mainly – “tens of billions of dollars in lost sales.”

There is no timeline for, or deadline by which the United States must act against Airbus and the E.U. in light of the WTO ruling. But if the Trump administration imposes tariffs, it would not be restricted to Airbus products.  However, the U.S. and E.U. are likely some ways away from pulling the trigger on an actual trade war over the issue of subsidies paid to aircraft makers.

Late this year or in early 2019 the WTO is expected to rule on Airbus’ counter claim that Boeing has benefited from tax breaks in Washington state Airbus officials said in a statement following the WTO’s ruling that Boeing has benefited to the tune of $20 billion from federal subsidies between 1989 and 2006, Washington state tax breaks received between 2006 and 2024, tax abatements from the state of Kansas, NASA research funding, Defense Department subsidies that ended up benefiting both Boeing’s commercial manufacturing operations as well, and foreign sales export subsidies provided via the Export Import Bank of the United States. Airbus contends all that has done more than $100 billion in damage to global trade.

Tom Enders, Airbus’ CEO, sought to put a positive spin on the WTO ruling, calling it a “significant success for the European aviation industry” because it confirms Airbus’s long-held operating and financial strategy. “Today's report is really only one half the story – the other half coming out later this year will rule strongly on Boeing’s subsidies and we’ll see where the balance lies.
“The result is simple,” he added. “Airbus pays back its loans. Boeing pays back nothing and continues to exploit the generosity of the U.S. taxpayer.”
Boeing, Enders said, is a healthy company today with half the global market for commercial airliners and a full order book. “They have clearly not been damaged by Airbus repayable loans.”

But Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing’s CEO, countered Enders’ claims in a statement of his own. “Today's final ruling sends a clear message: disregard for the rules and illegal subsidies is not tolerated. The commercial success of products and services should be driven by their merits and not by market-distorting actions,” Muilenburg said.

BA and Air France to stop flights to Iran

British Airways and Air France have announced that they will stop flying to Iran. Both airlines said that the route was "not commercially viable."
The reintroduction of US sanctions has caused a slump in the value of the Iranian currency, the rial, making it harder for Iranians to travel overseas. BA restarted the service to Tehran two years ago after a four-year gap. The last flight will be on 22 September, returning the next day. The airline apologised to travellers planning to travel to Iran and said it was offering refunds for affected customers or a possible rerouting through other airlines.

Air France, which had transferred its connections with Tehran to its low-cost airline Joon, had reduced the frequency of the flights from three to one a week since the beginning of this month. It will stop all flights on 18 September. KLM said last month that it would also suspend flights from Amsterdam to Iran from September. The sanctions, prompted partly by Washington's decision in May to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, have prompted many western firms to step back from business in Iran.


Production of components for the very first Boeing 737 MAX 10 airplane is underway, thanks to a new, innovative solution for the airplane's main landing gear.
From an engineering standpoint, this new airplane will be a straightforward stretch of the MAX 9, which entered service in 2018. More than 95 percent of the design and 90 percent of the build of the MAX 10 will be identical to previous models. The primary difference in the MAX 10 compared to other models is in the new, levered design of the main landing gear. What makes this landing gear so unique? It has two key features that are critical for the longer design of the MAX 10: A lever that allows the landing gear to grow taller upon takeoff, and a shrinking mechanism that helps the gear retract to fit into the existing wheel well. Boeing supplier UTC Aerospace Systems began production of the main landing gear on Aug. 20.
Last summer at the Paris Air Show, Boeing announced the launch of the MAX 10. Since then, interest in the airplane has grown; today, more than 20 customers from around the globe have placed orders and commitments for this new member of the 737 family.


A380: The first A380 for All Nippon Airways (ANA) has rolled out of the final assembly line (FAL) in Toulouse.  The aircraft has now been moved to an outside station where various ground tests will be undertaken in preparation for first flight in the coming weeks.  The aircraft will then be transferred to the Airbus facilities in Hamburg for cabin installation and painting. ANA HOLDINGS INC. placed a firm order of three A380s in 2016, becoming the first customer for the superjumbo in Japan.  The first delivery is scheduled early in 2019, and the A380 will initially be operated on the popular Tokyo-Honolulu route. To date, Airbus has delivered 229 A380s, with the aircraft now in services with 14 airlines worldwide. (30/08/18)

Gulf Air, the flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, took delivery of its first A320neo 20/08/18. The aircraft, powered by CFM LEAP-1A engines, made its maiden journey from Toulouse to Bahrain, landing at the Bahrain International Airport at 16:00 local time. The aircraft is the first of the 29 A320neo Family aircraft ordered during the 2016 Bahrain International Airshow. This delivery also makes Gulf Air the first Middle Eastern national carrier to fly the A320neo.



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I’ve colour-coded the news below - GREEN text is a non-fatal incident or accident of interest,
                                                               RED has fatalities so now you can skip those if you want.

18 MAY 2018  Boeing 737-201 Adv.   Pegasus Airline   XA-UHZ   C/n: 21816/592  First flight:  1979-07-15 (38 years 11 months)

The Boeing 737-200, operating on Cubana de Aviacin flight 972 from Havana to Holgun, Cuba, crashed shortly after takeoff. The aircraft came down in vegetation near a railway outside the airport, broke up and burst into flames. Local media report there were 107 passengers on board along with six Mexican crew members. Three passengers survived the accident. One died on May 21 and a second survivor died on May 25.
The aircraft was owned and operated by Mexican airline Damojh Aerolneas, operating as Global Air, on behalf of Cubana.

14 JUN 2018   de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202Q Dash 8   LinkPNG   P2-ANX   C/n: 463  First flight: 1997

A DHC-8-202Q Dash 8 aircraft, operating on a round trip between Port Moresby and Mendi, Papua New Guinea, was destroyed by fire at Mendi Airport.
The aircraft was parked on the ramp when it was deliberately set on fire by supporters of an election candidate after losing a court case.
A Notam was subsequently issued, stating the airport was closed "due civil unrest". The airport had been closed from October 1, 2017 until February 11, 2018 "due to public intrusions onto the runway, damage to airport facilities and threats to NAC staff."

de Havilland Canada DHC-8-202Q Dash 8

16 JUN 2018  Boeing 757-2Q8 (WL)   Azur Air   VQ-BKF   C/n: 26268/590  First flight: 2000-04-12 (17 years 11 months)

Azur Air flight KTK5495 suffered in-flight upsets while on approach to Antalya Airport, Turkey, The aircraft, a Boeing 757-200, departed Novosibirsk, Russia at 02:08 UTC, with destination Antalya. Weather conditions at Antalya were poor with thunderstorm activity and heavy rain.
Three approaches were attempted, but the flight was not able to land. The flight crew diverted to Dalaman Airport (DLM/LTBS), where a safe landing was made at 09:37 hours.
During the approaches to Antalya, the aircraft attained unusual flight attitudes. The aircraft at one point rolled 40,5 degrees and pitched up to 39 degrees.
Also, the maximum speed for flaps 20 was exceeded by 12.5 knots.

26 JUN 2018   Cessna 414 Chancellor    Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee   N414FZ   C/n: 414-0175  First flight:  2001

The light aircraft, reported by the Police as twin engined, crashed into a barn at Woodview Farm, near Enstone Airfield. Post crash fire. The co-pilot was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford with minor injuries and the pilot was uninjured. Several chickens in the barn perished. According to an official statement/press release by the Thames Valley Police.

Two people were on board the aircraft. The co-pilot was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital, with minor injuries and the pilot was uninjured. Nobody on the ground was injured. A number of chickens in the farm building have perished. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been informed."

10 JUL 2018   Convair CV-340    Rovos Air   ZS-BRV   C/n: 215  First flight:  1954

The aircraft was to be ferried to the Netherlands on the 12th of July 2018 and expected to arrive in the Netherlands at Lelystad Airport (EHLE) on the 23rd of July 2018. On 6 July 2018 maintenance checks (A, B & C) were performed on the aircraft. The accident flight was the first flight post maintenance.
The aircraft accelerated down the runway and rotated. At the 50 kts call, the captain stated that the manifold pressure was low. After rotation, one of the passengers went to the cockpit and told the engineer that the left engine was on fire.
The Air Traffic Controller (ATC) stated that the aircraft then continued North West of the aerodrome over the Bon Accord dam at a distance of approximately 2 to 2.5 miles at about 800 feet, indicating a rate of climb of 600 to 700 feet per minute (fpm).
The aircraft continued with the left engine on fire throughout the flight and during the accident sequence. A cockpit GoPro recording also shows that the left engine RPM gauge was fluctuating and that later the left engine fire master caution light was illuminating and an audible warning sound was heard. The control wheel was deflected to the right and the captain indicated that they had lost aileron, and requesting rudder input from the FO.
The pilots indicated that they were not sure if they had retracted the landing gears. And although the pilots and engineer were informed of the left engine fire, they were asking each other which engine was on fire. At no stage did the pilots or the engineer discuss or attempt to extinguish the left engine fire, as the left engine fire extinguishing system was never activated.
The aircraft could not maintain altitude and first struck power lines spanned parallel Sakabuka street situated in Derdepoort industrial area, North of Pretoria. The aircraft continued for a further 71m before impacting a treetop with its left wing, and continued for a further 17m before impacting a set of treetops with its left wing. At 130m it impacted two commercial vehicles, before colliding with a building (Metal and Milk factories) resulting in the left outboard wing separating and coming to rest in the front of the building with which it collided . The collision destroyed the front and back wall of the building, with its roof together with the rear perimeter wall fence, before the left horizontal stabiliser and inboard wing separating at 137m and 143m respectively. The inboard section of the left wing caught fire and continued burning. The main wreckage, right wing and engine came to rest around 250m further on, 6 km to the east of the airport. There was one fatality from 19 occupants.

10 JUL 2018   Boeing 737-89L (WL)   Air China   B-5851   C/n: 41313/4725   First flight: ?

China’s aviation regulator said the pilot was smoking an e-cigarette during the flight. Oxygen masks were suddenly deployed. Pilots made an emergency descent from 10.000 feet.
The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said in a conference; "In the preliminary investigation, the co-pilot was found to be smoking an e-cigarette. Smoke diffused into the passenger cabin and relevant air conditioning components were wrongly shut off, without notifying the captain, which resulted in insufficient oxygen."

31 JUL 2018   Embraer ERJ-190AR    Aeromxico Connect    XA-GAL    C/n: 19000173   First flight: 2008
Total: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 103  Aircraft damage: Destroyed    Aircraft fate: Written off (damaged beyond repair)

Aeromxico Flight AM2431 operated by an Aeromxico Connect Embraer ERJ-190 impacted airport terrain shortly after commencing takeoff from runway 03 at Guadalupe Victoria International Airport (MMDO), Durango, and a post-impact fire ensued. All 103 occupants survived but 49 suffered injuries that required hospitalization. The aircraft arrived at Durango from Mexico City as flight AM2430 at 14:11 hours local time, 23 minutes ahead of schedule. As the ERJ-190 was prepared for the return flight there was a broken layer of cumulonimbus clouds at 2500 feet.
Airport weather information shows that a thunderstorm had developed by 15:18 hours local time and the temperature had dropped from 28C to 20C over the previous hour.
It was reported that the aircraft commenced the takeoff roll on runway 03 about 15:30 hours local time (planned departure time was 15:09 hours). According to a statement from the governor of Durango, the aircraft became airborne but lost altitude after being "affected by a gust of wind". The aircraft "descend abruptly" and hit the ground to the left of the runway, left wing first. Both engines broke away during the subsequent ground slide. The aircraft came to rest about 380 meters past the runway threshold and 320 meters past the paved end of the runway, slightly to the left of the extended centreline. The length of runway 03 is 2900 m (9514 ft).

Embraer ERJ-190AR

10 AUG 2018   de Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8   Horizon Air   N449QX    C/n: 4410  First flight:  2012
Total: Fatalities: 1 / Occupants: 1     Aircraft damage: Destroyed   Aircraft fate: Written off (damaged beyond repair)

A Horizon Air DHC-8-402Q was stolen by a 29-year old airline ground-service agent from Seattle/Tacoma International Airport, Washington, USA. The aircraft was parked on the Cargo 1 ramp, which is the nothernmost ramp, close to the thresholds of runway 16L, C and R.
The ground-service agent used a tractor to turn the aircraft 180 degrees, facing west towards the runways. He entered the aircraft, started the engines and taxied towards runway 16C. A tower controller attempted to contact the aircraft, but it took off at 19:32 hours.

The aircraft then began manoeuvering over Puget Sound and was seen to perform a split S, pulling up just above the water. During these manoeuvres the person in control of the aircraft was in radio contact with air traffic control.
McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle fighter aircraft of the Oregon Air National Guard were dispatched and followed the aircraft.
The aircraft then crashed in wooded terrain on Ketron Island, 40 km to the southwest of the Seattle/Tacoma Airport. Both wings broke off in the accident sequence and the fuselage came to rest inverted. The sole person on board the aircraft was killed.


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Answers to last Directions quiz:

  1. Vickers Vanguard G-APEC
  2. Vickers Viscount
  3. British Aerospace BAe-748 Srs2B/378 - British Airways
  4. British Aircraft Corporation BAC 1-11 Series 419EP
  5. Vickers Super VC10 Srs1151    G-ASGA
  6. Hawker Siddeley HS-121 Trident 2E  G-AVFB
  7. Bristol 170 Freighter Mk32 - British Air Ferries - BAF
  8. De Havilland DH-106 Comet 4 - Dan-Air London
  9. Bristol 175 Britannia 314 - Caledonian Airways
  10. Short SC-7 Skyvan 3 - Olympic

Time to get that grey matter working!. Email answers to mark “at” or use the message facility on FS Airlines.  Answers will be posted in the next Directions but if you email me your guesses I will reply straight away (in confidence - so no need to worry about embarrassment).

Below you will see ten pictures taken 20 years ago of airliner tails and all you have to do is tell me the name of the airline, simple! You score 1 point for each - don't worry if you only know a few, I don’t expect anyone to get 100% - standing by to be proved wrong!. I will be awarding prizes over the year so email/message/PM the answers. Ruud is the winner this time as he correctly answered all the questions - he also won by default as no-one else entered!

Prize - UKD Mug

An ‘artist’s impression’ of the UKDirect Limited edition, camera-shy, quiz winners mug.


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Flightsim News


Prepar3D v4.3 is available now! (25/06/1018)
The next update for Prepar3D v4 is here! Prepar3D v4.3 takes simulation to the next level offering new features including interactive panel windows in virtual reality (VR), improved scenery dynamic lighting performance, several new C-130 user-selectable aircraft, as well as numerous user interface (UI) enhancements, various stability and performance improvements, multiple bug fixes, and much more.

The Prepar3D v4.3 update is available now and can be downloaded from the Downloads page. If you currently own a valid Prepar3D v4 license there is no charge to update to Prepar3D v4.3.


Aerosoft's new A318/A319 Professional add-on - for P3D v4.3 ONLY - is now on sale. This new Airbus add-on is priced at 53.99, but if you bought any of Aerosoft's earlier A318/A319 or A320/A321 add-ons you will be able to take advantage of a  discount on that price.

A318/A319 Professional features fully custom Fly-by-Wire systems, dozens of non-standard animations, add-in view and sound systems, a co-pilot who will assist you during your flights and the option of the PnF performing certain functions. Current AIRAC data at the time of release is included, as is FS2Crew's Runway Awareness and Advisory System, and among the systems included are autopilot, ADIRS, weather radar, TCAS, full electrical bus system, loading and refuelling module, FADEC and a complete MCDU.

An A320/A321 Professional add-on from Aerosoft will also be available in due course along with an A318/A319 and A320/A321 Bundle which will include all the aircraft from both packages.

UK2000 Guernsey Xtreme

UK2000 Guernsey Xtreme V1 Released

The airport was opened in 1939 as a grass airfield with 4 rough grass runways. Its first use was by the German Luftwaffe during their invasion of the Channel Islands. By 1948 BEA and Jersey airlines were flying regular trips to Southampton. A new 4800ft tarmac runway was constructed and traffic increased with regular services to London and Southampton using Viscount and Herald aircraft. Guernsey was a main base for Aurigny and for over 30 years the little yellow islanders and Trislanders aircraft were used on the inter island link. During 2012 the airport closed for over 40 days to allow construction of a runway extension. This allowed larger aircraft like the EMB190, B737 and A320 to use the airport. Today the main operators areUKDirect, Aurigny and Flybe. Don’t forget UKD pilots can get a 20% discount - just ask me for the code.

Also keep an eye out for a re-make of Bournemouth and Belfast International airports expected to be released later this year.


MegaSceneryEarth 3 - Delaware (2017) - Free copies!

We're NOT trying to sell you something today.... we're trying to GIVE you something, a FREE copy of one of our MegaSceneryEarth Version 3 states.
We're doing this in the event that you have heard about MegaScenery or used previous versions but haven't tried our new Version 3 series. We want you to try it free without any risk. The state we are offering free of charge to every Flight Simmer out there is Delaware. It's a small 2,000 square mile state. Just big enough for you to take some short cross country flights and experience the realism that is MegaScenery. Getting your FREE Delaware is easy, just follow either one of these links, add to your cart and just checkout without entering any payment information. The product will show in your cart as $0.00 so no payment transaction is necessary.

When you complete the process, your Delaware scenery will be immediately available for download and installation. The entire process will take you about 5 to 10 minutes and not cost you a penny. It will however, give you entire state of crystal clear, perfectly sharpened and colored 1 meter per pixel aerial photoscenery where everything you see from your FSX, FSX:STEAM or Prepar3D cockpit is exactly what you would see in real life.

Step by Step Instructions to get your FREE Delaware Aerial PhotoScenery
1. Go to either:

2. Add item to cart - it will show up at $ZERO
3. Proceed to checkout. (Creating an account if you don't already have one is optional)
4. You will instantly receive download links, license number and installation instructions.
5. Once installed, run your flight sim and simply go to an airport in Delaware and you'll be flying MegaScenery.
6. Enjoy!

You are under no obligation to buy any MegaSceneryEarth scenery as a result of this free scenery but we invite you to order your home state at a later date if you are satisfied with the scenery that Delaware provides. Thank you for your time and enjoy!

Robert Ferraro, President/CEO. PC Aviator - The Flight Simulation Company
MegaSceneryEarth - Flight Sim's Most Prolofic Aerial PhotoScenery

GAMING with Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 - What's New? | The Tech Chap

Nvidia RTX 2070, RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti GPUs revealed - Here's the specs, price and release date of the new GeForce RTX GPUs. What is Ray Tracing, and does it really make a difference to games?

AMD 2700X & 2600X Benchmarks vs 8700K, 1800X & 1600X!

Many thanks to AMD for providing the CPUs and motherboards featured in this video. 

A new edition of Drzewiecki Design's Polish Airports Vol. 3 collection for FSX and P3D is now available. Included in this new version is an additional airport, Olsztyn-Mazury (EPSY) in the North-East of the country, and among the other updates are a completely new lighting system with Dynamic Lighting for P3D v4, SODE support for jetways and other animations, optional new static aircraft for each airport and fully automatic season switching.

2018 - NEW Flight Sim Controller | Honeycomb Aeronautical Flight Controls

 Website:  Price: $199

REX Worldwide Airports HD Sky Force 3D

REX Worldwide Airports HD
is now Compatible with Prepar3D v.4+!

Compatible with GSX and the upcoming GSX Level 2.
10+GB of airport specific graphics and 3D airport vehicle models.
Global airport graphics created from real-world airport environments.
Fully compatible with all 3rd-party addons, including addon airports.
Tailored to low and high-end systems and comprised of default resolution to high-definition choices.
Give ALL default airports in FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D the payware-style treatment!
Day and night lighting textures included, giving a realism never seen before at default airports.
Transform all airports worldwide with one click.
Easily select, install and even save your creations within the included user interface.
Airport terminals, buildings and maintenance facilities, small/medium/large airport hangars, custom airline specific hangars, coherent airport ground environments, jetways, custom 3D airport ground vehicle models, airport lighting and parking garages.
Runway and taxiway detailed planar bump-map effects.
Specular lighting textures included.
Bump map textures included.
DX9, DX10 and DX11 compliant!
Lightning fast texture installation.
Network capable.
High fidelity due to higher definition source material, yielding top quality end results, even at lower resolution settings!
A large, easy to read user interface.
A comprehensive configuration manager allowing you to tailor to your specific needs!
Built-in backup and restore functions.
Community based sharing capability coming soon!
Built-in auto update.
High-definition taxiway markings with extreme clarity.
Realistic dirty airport parking and jetway marks.
REX Worldwide Airports HD is part of the REX 5 family of products along with REX Sky Force 3D!

What is Sky Force 3D?

Sky Force 3D is a complete overhaul of the weather and environment experience while bringing dimension to FSX, FSX Steam, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3 and 4.
New 3D Cloud Models and Structures Created for Real-World Cloud Classification
Dynamic Synchronization
New Cloud SDK (No more upside-down clouds or repeating cloud bottoms)
Natural Photo-Based Environment Textures
New Weather Engine
Integrated Flight Center
Interactive Mapping System
Built-in PTA Integration
Innovative Sky and Sun Atmospherics
New Lightning Effects
New HD Environment Sound Effects
All Packaged in a 4.6GB Download, Expandable to Nearly 20GB
and Much More…


REX Sky Force 3D [3.15]

Total Atmospheric Immersion for FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D!

The current cloud model and weather system is extremely limited in the way clouds and full weather systems are displayed. It took 2 years to re-design the entire cloud model and weather system to match real-world cloud classification.


PRO 2.39:1 SCREEN PAINT KIT! [9.53]


What will you design our crystal edge technology screens paint kits can be painted on anything! Easy no pro's needed open, stir and paint your done! Dry fast, low odor, low VOC, Eco friendly . NO sanding or priming needed and work with just about any projector even short throw. Design for outdoor projection screen fully weatherproof!

For more info visit
Email us at


SIMStarter NG  v1.8.3 rev.1 Update  (16 Aug)
Traffic Global  (Early Access)  v1.1.0.7 Update  (14 Aug)
MilViz MD530F  v1.180709 Update  (14 Aug)
Flight 1 Beechcraft Super King Air B200 (for FSX)  v1.5 Update  (13 Aug)
Real Color KLAS for Tower! 3D PRO  SP2 Update  (9 Aug)
Alabeo PA-31 Chieftain 350 (for X-Plane)  Update  (8 Aug)
Carenado PA-34 Seneca V HD Series (for X-Plane)  Update  (9 Aug)
Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA  v1.2 Update  (6 Aug)
Dortmund XP  v1.1 Update  (3 Aug)
REX Worldwide Airports HD  Technical Update 3  (3 Aug)
WX Advantage Radar  Technical Update 5  (3 Aug)
P-47D Thunderbolt  v1.01 Update  (30 July)
Active Sky   / ASP4  Update for P3D v4  (26 July)
TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad  v2.03 Update  (25 July)
DC-8 Jetliner Series 10 to 40  v2.03 Update  (25 July)
CRJ 700/900X  -  v1.2.0.0 Update  (18 July)
CameraPositionX  -  Update  (16 July)
Flysimware Cessna 441 Conquest II  -  v2.3 Update  (13 July)
Flysimware Cessna 402C Businessliner  -  v2.5 Update  (13 July)
Tromso X  -  v1.04 Update  (13 July)
Mega Airport Oslo v2.0  -  v1.13 Update  (12 July)

FSUIPC latest versions:

FSUIPC5 5.14 for use with Prepar3D 64-bit Version 4  August 3rd 2018 (3.3 MB)
FSUIPC4 4.971 for use with FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D 1.4-3.4.   Released August 16th 2017 (3.3 MB)

Carenado 390 Premier 1A (for FSX & P3D)  -  Update  (11 July)
Carenado 525A Citation CJ2 HD Series (for FSX & P3D)  -  Update  (11 July)
Carenado E50P Phenom 100 HD SERIES (for FSX & P3D)  -  Update  (11 July)
Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 (for FSX & P3D)  -  Update  (11 July)
Carenado H25B H850XP HD Series (for FSX & P3D)  -  Update  (11 July)
Alabeo C207 Skywagon (for X-Plane 11) -  Update  (28 Jun)
Where Are My Aircraft? (WAMA)  -  Update  (25 Jun)
ATS Cri-Cri -  v1.05 Update  (25 Jun)
Traffic Global (Early Access)  -  v1.1.0.2 Update  (16 May)
Aerosoft Douglas DC-8  -  v1.03 Update  (16 May)
UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X  -  v1.97 Update  (11 May)
MilViz 310R Redux  -  v3.180509 Update  (9 May)
FireFighter X  -  Update  (9 May)
Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional  -  v1.10 Update  (8 May)
Gibraltar Professional  -  v1.10 Update  (8 May)
Anchorage Professional  -  v1.11 Update  (8 May)



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 Fixing aircraft with DUCT TAPE?! Mentour Pilot explains. [9:10]

.Have you ever seen pictures or videos of Aircraft engineers seemingly mending an aircraft using Duct-tape? Is that possible, is it legal and is it REALL duct tape that the engineers are using?
I will also be talking about what pilots do if they encounter any kind of damage to the aircraft. I hope this episode will explain some aircraft maintenance procedures for you and increase your confidence in those.


Do Airplanes need parachutes? Mentour Pilot explains [14:48]

Have you ever wondered why aircraft don't have parachutes attached to them? Something that could stop a catastrophe from happening by just letting the aircraft descend gently down to the ground.
In this video I will try to explain my view on this issue from a professional pilots point of view.
I will give your 3 different reasons to back up my views and I will also show you an aircraft that is already using it.


Three Engined Aircraft, what happened? [10.52]

Some of the most beautiful aircraft ever made had 3 jet engines. We are talking about the Lockheed L1011 Tristar, the Boeing 727, the MD11 and the DC10, to name a few. Why are these great aircraft not around in great numbers anymore?
In todays video I will explain the rise and fall of the Tri-Jet.  Why were they needed to start with? What happened that made them obsolete and is there any future for the tri-jets going forward?


The Largest Aircraft Ever Built By Britain: The Bristol Brabazon [8:10]

With a wingspan greater than a Boeing 747, The Bristol Brabazon was the largest aircraft ever built by Britain.  More a flying oceanliner than plane, it featured sleeping cabins, a dining room, a cocktail bar and lounge, and even a 23 seat movie theater.

Taxiway Markings, Signs and Lights [10.42]

This video looks at and explains verious runway lighting systems and their purpose.

Runway Markings:
Runway Lighting:


Vickers Viscount.The First Turbo Prop Plane in the world.[6.54] - Lufthansa Cargo MD-11 - Departure from Sao Paulo [English Subtitles] [14.11]

Lufthansa crew departs from Sao Paulo enroute to Quito.
PLEASE NOTE:  Copyright content is allowed by the owner.  Please visit to purchase full video.



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How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space [17.48]

Let's say you're traveling at about 17,500 miles per hour (28,000 km/h) in low earth orbit, your main engines are out of fuel, and it's your job to guide the spaceship through a fiery re-entry without burning up or skipping out of the atmosphere, navigate to your landing site, and arrive with just enough energy to make an unpowered landing on a runway which is halfway around the planet from where you started. And, of course, either you succeed on your first try, or everyone dies. So, no pressure…. In this talk, I'll show you how space shuttle designers, pilots, and autopilots managed to do just that.

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