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Established 1998


Almost everyone has dreamt of being able to fly their own plane; computer flight simulation brings people closer to realising their dreams but after awhile it can lack a purpose or goal. That’s the gap that virtual airlines fill. UKDirect provides a purpose for flying - you can simulate flights from the UK to many destinations around the UK, Europe and the World and we have hubs in the Pacific and Caribbean so you can fly around those areas too. Download our free planes to install in your simulator (Microsoft MSFS, X-Plane and P3D supported). For the ultimate airline experience we recommend flying for UKDirect using the free program to simulate a line pilot’s career with UKD; it is free to use and great fun also.

Have a look around and you will find helpful information on flying, free downloads, news and pictures. We have a friendly forum and there are no strict rules or exams to pass. Just have fun!

Realise your dreams with UKDirect.


UKDirect is proud to announce it has joined the FS2Crew VA Partnership scheme to offer UKDirect pilots a 30% discount on all their products.

Last update: 25 February 2024


UK2000 sceneries have become the must-have range of FS2004/FSX/P3D add-on sceneries for the UK. UKDirect is Extreme-ly pleased to offer a discount on  the UK2000 ‘Extreme’ range of sceneries.


UKDirect is a member of Virtualcol’s VA program which bestows a 30% discount on all their products to UKDirect pilots.


UKDirect Flights and Bookings

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